Bill to eliminate FOID cards in Illinois

Senator Sam McCann, (R-Carlinville, IL) introduced Senate Bill 3340 that would make FOID cards a thing of the past in Illinois.  FOID, which stands for Firearm Owner’s Identification, is a card that all Illinois citizens must get in order to own a firearm or ammunition.

According to McCann, the current law “punishes law-abiding citizens”.  In that, any law abiding citizen who has no history of crime.  Still must pay $10.00 and fill out an application in order to own a firearm, when a criminal will take no such action.  His train of thought is, why is this needed then?

The reason for this train of thought is, that anyone that wants to buy a firearm is still subjected to the federally mandated background check each time they make a purchase.  So in McCann’s view, this is just another “hoop” that the anti-gun crowd wants law-abiding citizens to jump through to make a purchase.  Which most likely is seen in many minds as nothing more than a deterrent towards purchasing firearms, in a state that is the only one left (outside of DC) in the country that has no form of public carry.

McCann has stated that the FOID system is flawed and backlogged also.  The Illinois State Police are required to process these applications in a manner that is done in 30 days.  According to McCann, he has received complaints that it is taking longer than that.  Some of the complaints have stated that it can take just shy of 3 months to get them.

Illinois is the only state with a FOID card system.  The law has been in effect since 1968